Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't ask me...

People occasionally ask me for fashion advice, which is cool.  People also occasionally ask me if certain colours go together.  This is harder.  My colour-pairing philosophy is perhaps too liberal.  Sometime after noon today I realized I was wearing a navy top, green tank, purple pants, and brown shoes with a red ribbon.  It didn't occur to me when I was getting dressed that this might be a little much.  I think that on What Not To Wear, they advise a good dose of neutrals to balance things out.  Oh well.

Also: toe cleavage.  Is it a hot or a not?

I'm really into these shoes I got at Value Village a while ago.  They had no laces, so I got a discount, and I got some red ribbon at the dollar store to use as laces, which I think "jazzes" them up a bit.  I hate the expression "jazz up".  Ick.  Though it might be permissible only in this context, as the shoes do kind of look like jazz shoes.


  1. If I can't ask you, then who can I ask!!?? XXOO
    ps. Toe Cleavage is ALWAYS HOT!

  2. umm those shoes are amazing!!