Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Images always have the last word."

-Roland Barthes

Springy colours, windy hair.  I bought these shoes (new, gasp) before Christmas when I realized that black pumps are kind of a wardrobe must-have.

I was lazy and feeling sick when I got home from work, and Karl had to go out for dinner, so I ordered me some delivery sushi.  All this for $20 - big dinner, big lunch, and a snack for Karl when he's inevitably still hungery after dinner.

Painted the toenails.  If this sunshine really continues it may be time to break out the bare legs.  I have been using the self-tanner, don't worry!


  1. Every one of those pictures made me enormously happy! Your little feet may take the cake, though!

  2. I love those blue tights!!! I want a pair, where did you get them? I'm knitting a sweater almost that exact same color and my sunglasses are that color too! Its such a cute little blue! Your toes are like little kid toes, so cute!