Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Powers and April Flowers

With these crazy shoes and the silver cuff I felt like I might have mild super powers today.  I didn't test that theory - didn't seem necessary.  This jacket is something I got on Sunday.  I was thinking I needed something kind of sweat-shirty but cooler and I think this does it.  In colour and style can we go with the idea that it's a little Dries van Noten-esque?

I made this skirt years ago and it kind of got shuffled to the back of the closet but it's making a return to the front.  I like how it's kind of high-waisted, thanks to my being a little chubsier (gotta look on the bright side, right?).

God, my ankles look retardedly skinny in proportion to my body.  That's kind of disturbing.  I do like how the silver part of the shoe reflects onto the ground.

Flowers of the week.

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