Monday, April 20, 2009

Future Sewing Project?

Tonight I was playing pretend shopping at Pixie Market, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually when I imaginary shop online, I mostly see things that are kind of cute, but I know they would only look good on hipster waifs.  Like everyone has Erin Wasson in mind when they design these days and it kind of bores me/depresses me.  I guess it's not really my vibe, but I do see that it's cool on other people. 

But I really love this blouse.  Like, LOVE love.  Like if I ever have time, I will knock-off love.  And it's not the kind of thing that would only look good on a tiny thing, right?  I should really sew for myself more.  I do have lots of excuses though: it's hard to go in to work on a day off, because I'll inevitably find work I should do, and I don't have space to draft, cut and sew at home, and when I have everything at work, it would be such a hassle to bring it home.  Gahhh....  Maybe I'm good enough to stay late a few times a week?  Sceptical...

I think this ruffle-y bow-y neckpiece by Fernanda Perera is cool too, and craftable, but when I make stuff like that (not that I've made anything like that), I sometimes feel a little silly wearing it.  Sad truth.

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  1. very nice blouse. i recently bought a white blouse from the thrift store in a similar shape: elbow-length, puffy, almost bat-wingy sleeves, but of course, not nearly as exaggerated as these. and it's a tad too short for the sort of tuck-in i'd like, but what can you do?