Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I got this cute little dress at Value Village yesterday.  I feel a little Rosemary's Baby in it.  It's that cute eyelet-y lace that I should know the name of that was popular in the 60's.  However, I felt like the dress was borderline booby for work.  But I get to see so much of my customers' boobs, I guess it's only fair for them to have to see mine.  No male customers in today...

I did have an appointment with the girl who we are making a grad dress for, and at the risk of sounding vulgar, she's got a bangin' body.  Quite the rack, etc.  And of course, we're making her kind of a skimpy, drapey dress, and I had to manhandle the bejeezus of of her breasts to wrangle them into the dress.  I felt a little bit bad, but I figure if I just act like I don't care, which I seriously don't, maybe she won't be self-conscious.  We just kept on chatting about where she's going to school next year.

Sorry I didn't get a great picture of the shoes.  Mary got them for me at a thrift store ages ago and they are so hot.  I didn't really wear them at work, I just wore black flats, but I really like nude and black together, so I teetered around in them long enough to take the pictures.

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