Saturday, May 30, 2009

Like a Lady

My boss told me I look like a girl on Mad Men, which I fully approve of.  Got the floral cotton dress (late 50's or early 60's) and the sheer green tights at Value Village on Monday. 

I might be easing my way towards bare legs by doing the sheer tights.  I have to credit Lydia, who credits Poppet for the idea of buying tights at the thrift store.  If you know you have the option of cutting them into knee highs, or - my idea - footless tights, and it's an unopened package, why the heck not, for a dollar?

These are my wedding earrings, and it makes my happy every time I wear them, to associate them with the happiest day of my life.  They were custom made by Luisa LaBarbera, a Toronto designer.

Guess who I spied as Karl was taking my picture under the birch tree?  Ladybugs are the best!  Especially when they pick a lovely acid green bud to perch on.

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