Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maybe not a great idea...

I decided last week that I needed orange nail polish.  I wanted, like, the-colour-of-an-orange orange.  I happened to be in a drug store on Monday, so I picked out the best orange they had, which was a little too coral, but I figured it would do.  As I was paying for it I noticed a little sticker on it that said "scented when dry", but it didn't really sink in.  

So, I painted my nails, and sure enough, as it dried I noticed that the nail polish had quite a strong fruity smell.  Too strong, too fruity.   It kept distracting me, like when I was eating it was annoying, or I'd randomly catch a whiff and be confused about where the smell was coming from.  It's been on for a couple of days now and either the smell is fading or I'm getting used to it.  But I'm just not a fan.  I like my nail polish to be seen and not smelled.  I think from now on this one will be toe-only polish.

When I got this picture from the Revlon website, I clued in that my "mango" orange polish is supposed to be mango scented, and the other colours have corresponding scents.  The only one that might not be repulsive is the coconut one, but still, I'm not a big fan of chemical interpretations of fruit scents.  I don't want to smell like a car air freshener!

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