Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little opinion

You may have noticed something strange and wonderful on the news stands this month: models on the cover of Vogue.  Seems like something that happens about once a year.  Someone obviously decided that putting actresses on the cover sold more copies, but their choices are often dubious.  Sandra Bullock?  Sienna Why-Am-I-Famous Miller?  Renee Zellweger, multiple times?  Egad.

So I'm happy to see really models, even if Vogue's idea of "Models of the Moment" is different from mine.  What's next, great photo shoots?  I think the bulk of the past year's editorials can be summed up thusly: Raquel Zimmerman, tight ponytail, blank wall, jump.  It makes me ache for the days of Linda, Christy, and Naomi in a fashion fairytale with excessive styling and a location on another continent.  Sigh.  So just remember Anna Wintour, every time you put an actress on the cover, God kills a bunny.  Or no, what would scare her?  Every time you put an actress on the cover, God feels Caroline Trentini a Big Mac?

What I wore today.  Still a little unsure if the bleached jeans are work-appropriate, but neither of my bosses were in today, so what I say, goes.  And I say yes.  I've long had a theory that what is coolest now is what would have been most horrifying three years ago.  So yeah, that'll work...

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  1. You know, I haven't bought a Vogue in months, but as soon as I saw that fresh, shiny model cover I bought it immediately. Yeah, if I see one more Kate Hudson cover (or someone as undeserving) I will scream.