Friday, May 1, 2009

Ms. Natural

That's a Robert Crumb reference, in case you didn't get it.  When I wear these jeans and these shoes I feel kind of like one of his comics, minus the massive tits and ass, I guess.

I've never worn much yellow before, but I'm making an effort this spring.  I like it; it's a bit of a colour statement, without being red, which is pretty much the only colour I really can't wear.  These jeans are really high-waisted, meaning they are at my natural waist.  I got them at Topshop in Prague, kind of an impulse buy because Karl bought shoes and I was kind of jealous.  Also, I had totally worn out my other jeans I brought with me and tossed them out in Germany.  Anyway, I like them, but it's a commitment to the tummy.  Like, it's going to show and be kind of a focal point.  Jessica Simpson was wearing jeans almost identical to these in the pictures when everyone decided that she was "fat".  I think I've made peace with the gunt, but it's a compromise.  I do like the Dazed and Confused vibe. 

In this picture I am picking threads off my jeans.  I leave work covered in stray threads and fluff.  I'm not very meticulous about cleaning it off, and I wonder if people notice, and what they think.

I got these shoes at Aldo at least eight years ago and I thought maybe they were frivolous at the time, but they are comfortable and have served me well though the half-dozen or so times this look has been in.  They are getting a little beat up, but only in places you can see when I'm wearing them.  The best is great too.  The front has a big silver equestrian-style bit buckle and it's so small I can only wear it right up at my waist.  I got it at Value Village and told the guy I didn't think fourteen dollars was a reasonable price, so he let me have it for five.  But not without adding "You know, at a vintage store it would be like, thirty bucks."  And....?

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  1. I love this look! I always love putting platform-y shoes with wide leg jeans. You look stunning! No gunt to be seen!