Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Women I Love - Part 4

Sigh.  Joni Mitchell is the best.  I've loved her since I was a little kid and I remember my mom singing her songs to me.  She's an icon, and she really defines talent me.  Can you imagine some of the pop stars today having a thriving and influential career in thirty years?  She's self-taught, a singer, a musician, a poet, a painter.  Karl and I have lots of her albums on vinyl, and that's my favorite way to listen to her music.  Her songs are so honest and personal and passionate.  I think she's the poster child for developing your own style and voice and signature.  In her career she has fearlessly experimented with so many different genres but has always maintained her integrity and unique point of view.

When she started out, she was just the prettiest little fresh faced ingenue in flowy dresses and cotton tunics.  Now her face has matured into such a striking beauty with those intense eyes, and always the long blond hair, always the silver jewellery.


  1. Yessss, Joni Mitchell! "Sittin in a park in Paris, France..." She's amazing. I was thinking of her recently too, and how talented she is and how none of the little pop stars of the day even compare. Even for someone who's smoked a pack a day for like, 30 years...

  2. that's a cool outfit in the first pic. Eighties, early nineties? I can't even tell. I recently bought a blouse just that colour from the thrift store.