Sunday, May 24, 2009

The home front

Sometimes beautiful sunny days make me feel like doing nothing but lazing around.  But today I felt motivated to get things done.  I planted beans, tomatoes, peppers and more lettuce and did a bunch of weeding.  Then I cleaned the kitchen, went grocery shopping, made pie pastry and filling for a rhubarb pie tomorrow and pasta dough for pasta tomorrow.  Read for a while in the sun...  It's all good.

That's the backyard veggie garden.  I know it doesn't look like much now, but in a couple of months it will hopefully be a garden of Eden, minus the snake.

That's the front yard.  I have no real strategy for the yard, except I don't want lawn or to have to water a lot.  I also like to mix flowers and shrubs and vegetables together, like the artichoke and rhubarb that are in amongst the roses and euphorbia. 

This is the other side of the front yard, which was kind of scrubby before my parents helped me plant lots of wonderful new things.  I get kind of impatient; I want things to grow NOW.

Last night Krista and Mary and I had a great evening - sangria and snacks on a lovely patio, a seawall stroll, another drink, then some shameful reality TV and cat loving.  Oh, I love summer so much!


  1. Your garden looks very nice! I know the feeling, wanting everything to grow faster...It seems like I did so much work in the beginning and It still looks almost exactly the same. Nice picture of the girls. I like Krista's shoes, and Mary's bag.

  2. Your garden is amazing. I fear I will never be a gardener or have a nice garden. It's not that I dont want these things, I just dont have any faith in my abilities. When I was a kid my mom had me weeding one of her flower gardens, and I "weeded" this giant daisy plant. I didnt know! It didnt have flowers on it yet! I really like popping dandilions out of the lawn by their roots, though. Very satisfying.
    ps. Yay for my bag!!