Friday, May 8, 2009

Women I Love - Part 3

How beautiful is Georgia O'Keeffe?  I'm so attracted to female feature with that strong bone structure and distinctive nose.  She' s not a typical beauty, but over the course of their marriage, her husband Alfred Stieglitz took hundreds of gorgeous photographs of her.

Her paintings of close-up flowers are probably her best know, but my favorites are from later in her career, when she was living in New Mexico and painting animal bones and skulls, adobe architecture, and vast cloudscapes.  

To me she is such an icon of the American West.  She is recognized as one of the first American female painters to influence European art, and in the 1920's her paintings were already fetching record prices.  Her artistic style is so unique and pure and modern, and although her personal style isn't focused on much, I think she looks unique and pure and modern too.  Slightly masculine, like the original Ralph Lauren model.  If anyone can pull off years in the desert without sunscreen it's her, I have to admit.  I love her white hair and angular features.  I remember seeing a photo of her hands when she was in her seventies, and they were a work of art in themselves.  

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