Saturday, May 2, 2009

Women I Love - Part 2

Judging by the number of fashion photoshoots I've seen on Foto Decadent that use Frida Kahlo as the inspiration, I'm obviously not the only one who finds her beautiful and fascinating.  Her paintings are so colourful and complex and full of magic and symbolism, and she herself seems almost mythical.  She has such a well crafted and consistant visual presentation of herself.  The red lipstick, the heavy brows, the stoic gaze.  She's unmistakable and fierce.  

She was also ahead of her time.  Despite being disabled by polio and a serious accident and living with terrible pain she studied medicine, was a prolific painter, and worked with her husband Diego Rivera on many socialist causes.

Style-wise, I love her bright colour combinations, and her intricate and bold jewelry.  If I had thick dark hair, I would totally wind it up with ribbons and flowers, with that straight part in the middle.

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