Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vice Squad

I dated a guy briefly, long ago, and he had a female friend who decided after meeting me a couple of times that I was quite a goody-twoshoes.  I didn't smoke, I turned down a drink (only because I was driving), and, to her horror, I admitted that I didn't drink coffee.  With one eyebrow raised, she said snarkily "Oh, I guess your only vices are sex and sunshine."  I decided not to mention that I was wearing SPF 45...

But I do have vices.  I'm a big fan of the Seven Deadly.  Lust, yup.  Sloth, totally.  Gluttony. that might be my favorite.  For dinner the other night we had spinach dip.  A whole bowl, with bread.  That's it.  I often eat things I love to the point of discomfort.  

Another favorite vice is bad TV.  I mean really bad.  Rock of Love, Celebrity Rehab bad.  Karl thinks I'm braindead to watch those shows, but I get sucked in.  It's so bad, it's not just good, it's addictive.  Bad movies on TV too; it's pretty hard for me not to watch, oh, Save the Last Dance or something.  I think that urge goes hand in hand with sloth - such an easy way to waste a Sunday afternoon.

Do you guys think shopping is a vice?  Lately I'm feeling a little guilty about the quantity and frequency.  It's mostly second hand, so it's not expensive, but I feel so much better if I have something new to work with in the upcoming week.  I think I'd feel less guilty if I had a bigger closet.  There's just something about ramming another hanger into our minuscule closet that makes me a little ashamed.  Karl's not without sin in that department, so at least I'm not completely taking over.

There, I've shared some of my vices.  What are yours?


  1. Yep, I've decided if it's second hand it's ok. As in, the more I can squeeze in (or just leave in a pile) the better the world is going to be. That's what I tell myself.

  2. I feel proud of myself when I hang something new, but guilty if it cost more that $30.00. I also spend too many full days drinking coffee in my pajamas (is that a vice?), and you know I am addicted to the sweets. I also have a problem binging on magazines. I will just buy them for the glossy cover, sometimes never even read them and I will buy another and another. I can't seem to get enough. Oh and I eat too many muffins. I could eat a muffin for every meal.

  3. Dessert. Pretty much any kind, I will finish it even if its sickly sweetness is making me feel nausea. I'm actually eating a chocolate mint brownie all melty from the sun right now. Its divine.

  4. where'd I be without my maryjane? And I guess that goes hand in hand with the donuts.

  5. SLOTH! I enjoy my lazy days! And pride maybe? I like feeling good/looking good, is that pride? Spending hours on my hair and makeup? Ummm, definitely gluttony but I'm more into salty snacks. Hint of lime chips. Anger- Yep, I'm an irritable bitch. Pretty much all of them.