Monday, May 18, 2009

Rubber Ducky, You're the One...

Tonight feels like a bath night.  I had a lovely long weekend: multiple beaches, tea with a friend, bagels, a little thrifting, lots of gardening, sleeping in, a good movie...  And to cap it off, a relaxing bath listening to the rain outside.

I think what makes a great bath is satisfying all your senses, right?  If one sense is not pleased, it can throw the whole experience off.  You need soft lighting, nice soaps smells, quiet, a clean bathroom, warm water...  I don't eat in the bath (see Gummo!) but a glass of wine doesn't hurt.

I do like to read in the bath, and there are some books that are best.  Can't be too heavy, has to be a bit of an escape from reality, but not too much or you end up shivering in cooled water an hour later.  

All bath photos from Foto Decadent.

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  1. I agree!! Has to be clean, nice scented candle, good book... oh, and that glass of wine!!