Sunday, May 3, 2009

Challenges of the Rich and Famous

Now, keep in mind I'm pretty reluctant to find anything to pity the celebrosphere for, but these days getting dressed might be a little tricky.  With all the tabloids and blogs and the inexplicable interest in EVERYTHING stars do, wear, eat, etc. they must know that every outfit will be photographed, dissected and judged.  Even if it's just a running-to-the-corner-store outfit, which for me can be pretty close to pyjamas.  I think that this is resulting in the homogenization and bland-ification of celebrity fashion.

I love Go Fug Yourself.  It's super funny and I look at it almost every day.  But risk taking is not rewarded.  They slam Sarah Jessica Parker for wearing Martin Margiela.  If she can't get away with it, who can?  She can afford it, for one thing, and she does have the reputation for being pretty fashion forward, and everything looks good on her.  I'm sure she doesn't care, but if you were a young starlette, that kind of reaction might keep you from branching out beyond Kitson or wherever they buy their skinny jeans and designer t-shirts.

The Oscars have been getting progressively duller, dress wise, for years and this year was so boring.  Even the don't weren't very offensive.  Miley Cyrus is always wrong about everything, so no big surprise, but most of the ladies looked safe, tasteful and professionally styled from head to toe.  No personality.  Which is lame for an industry that is supposed to be about character, and larger-than-life personas.  Tilda Swinton always looks great, however.  Anyone who is a muse to Viktor & Rolf is a muse of mine (hello Tori Amos, my constant girl-crush).  And there are a couple of other actresses who rarely go wrong and seem to actually have some say when it comes to picking out their clothes.  Chloe Sevigny, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zooey Deschanel; that's about all I can come up with off the top of my head.  The rest kind of look like clones.  Maybe they all share a stylist.

Would it really be so bad to take a risk and end up on a Worst Dressed list?  I guess they don't want to find out.  Maybe we should stop being so snarky.  There's a difference between badly dressed and stepping outside the norm, I think.  But if I had that kind of money, there's no way you could keep me from shopping where I want and wearing what I want.  Shouldn't that be part of the fun of being rich and famous?  Think of the style icon actresses of the past - I don't think that they had stylists assigning them their signature look.  Some of them worked with designers, but what if Katherine  had been told not to dress like such a tomboy, or Marliyn Monroe was told not to show so much cleavage?  I think we should be encouraging some of these beautiful young actresses to actually develop their own looks.

I miss Bjork in a swan.

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