Thursday, July 30, 2009


I often read local fashion blog Style Symmetry; she's got great style and has a nice assortment of posts (outfits, photos, interviews, news etc.) and I really like this feature she's been doing where readers send in photos of themselves with no makeup on. It's kind of neat, because I imagine many people are like me in not wanting to take photos for an outfit post unless you're kind of made up, or at least looking good. It's nice to see people au natural.

So here's me:
Yes, I know, where are my eyelashes and eyebrows? The magic of being a redhead! It's a little freaky and albino-y, but oh well. I once dumped a hairdresser after he repeatedly encouraged me to have my eyelashes and brows dyed. I'd rather put on makeup every day than change the way I look permanently.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't worn any mascara in months. And I think it actually looks better on me. Once in a while when I try it on, It feels so fake and unnecessary. You look beautiful without makeup on. Its the real beautiful you.