Sunday, July 5, 2009

More wedded bliss...

Last night we went to my cousin's wedding and it was quite lovely. It was at a little yacht club in West Van and it was such a beautiful evening - one of those nights that there's no chill in the air even at eleven. They had a catered BBQ for dinner which was awesome, and I'm kind of picky about BBQ.

I love getting to see all my relatives, and it's cool to see people get all emotional about a marriage. However, it looks like Karl was ready to go, doesn't it?

Here's something I thought about: what's up with girls who wear tarty little bar-star dresses to weddings? I've been to several weddings in the last year, and there always seems to be a couple of girls in dresses that don't really seem appropriate for a wedding. Like, turn it down a notch, this is a family function. Happily, all the ladies at my wedding looked amazing!

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