Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Drawers

What's a good sign that you need new underwear? How about when you go to hang up the laundry on the clothes line and you are too ashamed to put some of your undies out because they are too ratty for the neighbors to see? Yeah, that happened. I just love some of the old ones and it's hard to part, but the time has come. So I bought a bunch of new ones today, as well as two bras, though nothing matching because as I mentioned before, I'm bad with that. Too cheap to shell out for the sets. But it's great to purge once and a while. Now I can't wait to do laundry to show off all my cute new panties - polka dots, florals, bright pink...

These aren't the ones I bought, just a few cute ones from Polyvore.

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