Friday, July 17, 2009

Big (Hair) Love

TV's so bad this time of year, so I downloaded a couple of seasons of Big Love. I know, I'm slow to catch on to these things, but anyway, of course it's great. And of course Chloe's character is the best part, and I'm strangely attracted to the way she dresses. So Mormon, yet so... modern. I doubt my ability to wear a maxi-skirt, but maybe there are other elements. Maybe I'll work on the hair.

Which reminds me, when the FLDS compound was raided last year and it was all over the news, I was so fascinated by the way all the women dressed and the way they did their HAIR!!! That frontal puff deal is crazy town! And the one-size-fits-all ultra modest dress? But mark my words, the french braid is on it's way.

And all this modesty reminds me how bored I am with nudity. Aren't you? On the cover of a local paper yesterday there was a feature and a big picture of these bar servers doing some topless calendar for charity. Yawn. I'm so over boobs. And having to pay for a calendar to see mediocre boobs seems questionable at best. Then later in the day I saw pictures from some big charity party featuring "naked" body painted models. Isn't that so 2001? Get over it. I'm just not interested in looking twice at something so unsexy. I feel totally desensitized to seeing it all. What do you think? Am I over-reacting? Am I turning into a prude? Time to get on the bus to Bountiful?

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  1. Haaaaa I was gonna make the Bountiful comment because of your last post! THe hair IS crazy. And you're right about all the nudity. It's not tittilating at all. Of course, I'm not 12. Also not male. That could be the problem.