Monday, July 6, 2009

So minty fresh...

...and hopefully somewhat clean-clean!
Well I got a bee in my bonnet about mint green, because although I love green and have lots of green tops, I didn't have anything minty. I wandered around the mall after work and didn't see anything, but a quick stop at the Salvation Army offered up this cute jacket. The buttons might be questionable, but I actually really like the shape.

Pardon the lazy-wear underneath. I had to work on my "day off", and when that happens I like to dress like I'm not at work to lessen the blow. Didn't have to see any clients of course. Also, that's not my nipple; there are buttons all around the inside of the neckline, which tells me that there used to be a hideous detachable collar. Oh, the versatile 80's!


  1. I love it!! And I have the same phantom nipple problem with this bikini top I got at H&M like, 10 years ago. It has these seams that come to a point at a very odd place. Like, if they were my nipples they would be verrrry lowwww. I just had to stop wearing it because I would see pictures and be like, ew.

  2. I love the blazer, gold chains and all!