Sunday, July 26, 2009

Elevator lady, lady levitate me...

What a great Sunday. Hot hot hot, breakfast at the place Karl and I met, reading in the shady back yard, Strongbow, Dire Straits, dinner from the garden. You can't beat that with a stick!

Over exposed, but fitting, as the news is forecasting a "potentially deadly" heatwave. Gotta love the hyperbole. I truly love/hate it when the news names weather events - "Heatwave Massacre '09"?

I'd like to introduce you to MAC "Pink Nouveau". It's even more matte then I thought at first, which I LOVE. It's trendy, like Mary told me, so I've just got to wear the shit out of it this summer. I have to say, wearing lipstick is surprisingly easy. I thought it would be all high-maintenance.

New swimsuit, from the thrift store. But it really does seem brand new and unworn. It's like two layers, black holey over nude. I've been wearing it since around one o'clock. By the way, I hate doing household chores when it's hot. Nothing like a sink full of scalding water when it's 25 degrees out!


  1. Cute bathing suit photo! And what a great idea, I always soak my stomach with water when I'm washing the dishes.

  2. oh GREAT lippy :)
    thanks for the heads up on that one .
    & that bathing suit is faaab .