Wednesday, July 1, 2009

With Glowing Thighs?

Ha ha, I found a great reason to wear my red suede shorts I thought were destined never to make it out of the closet - Canada Day! My friend Anna and I went to the Salmon Festival in Steveston and I decided for once in my life I'd dress festively! So I did the whole red and white thing, even though red's not my colour. And yes, I am wearing white tights, though my skin's almost that pale.

The Canada Day celebrations were ugh, typical: wait in line for bank machine, wait in line for bathroom, wait in line for food, wait to sit and eat, wait in car to get out of parking. I have to try not to be irritated and cynical: it was a beautiful day and it was heartwarming to see such a diverse community out having fun together and really enjoying Canada Day. I think as I get older I have less tolerance for crowds.

Current favorite nail polish colour: For Audrey, by China Glaze. It's the perfect robin's egg blue. Gotta clean up my feet and paint my toenails tonight!

Did anyone do anything patriotic for Canada Day?

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  1. I thought of you when we were at the lakes...I wanted to take a picture of your driveway and send it to you, but we drove by it too fast. I love those red shorts by the way...they remind me of some old fairytale, like something Gretel or Little red riding hood would wear.