Monday, July 20, 2009

Plans for money I don't have

Ever since I saw a huge, beautiful turquoise ring at the flea market last month, I'm kind of obsessed with the idea. I love turquoise and silver Navajo jewelry, but in a way I feel like who do I think I am wearing it? I don't know why... I guess I do have one kind of big turquoise ring, but it belonged to my Grandmommy and I'm a little nervous that something might happen to it. Maybe I'll just suck it up and see if it's still at the flea market next weekend. I should try to get it for less than the person is asking, right? I'm pretty bad at bargaining - does anyone have any tips?

Also, I guess I can admit that I really like the idea of a bolo tie. It's not a bad idea, if you try not to think of the 80's references, and just imagine the ones below, wore kind of like a necklace, say with a casual dress or a blouse with a high collar.

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